The City of Frankfort, Community Collaboration Grant program is a neighborhood based community effort which supports groups of neighbors working together to make a difference in their community. Its goals are to:

  • Celebrate neighbors and neighborhood strengths
  • Bring neighbors together for a common goal or project
  • Strengthen bonds in the neighborhood and community
  • Demonstrate individual, family, neighborhood and community pride, and
  • Improve quality of life


  • $500 maximum per project, no minimum project amount
  • If a project is within the boundaries of a neighborhood association, the project must be endorsed by the neighborhood association.
  • Grants are made to groups only. Awards are not made to individuals or profit-making groups.
  • Applications are due the 15th business day of every month beginning in February. Projects may start on the 15th of the next month after the deadline (first would be March 15).
  • Submit original and 1 copy
  • Only one project per month from the same group will be reviewed.
  • All projects must be closed out for the end of the fiscal year by June 15.
  • One group may not have more than 1 project open at the same time. There may be only 2 projects open at the same time in any one neighborhood.

Groups and neighborhood associations can apply. All applications must be endorsed by the neighborhood association (if applicable) representing the area. Areas not covered by a neighborhood association are eligible and are encouraged to become a neighborhood association.

Ineligible projects

  • Equipment may not be purchased with these funds, unless it is necessary to carry out the project. All tools and equipment purchased must be turned over and maintained by the neighborhood association, accessible for use by all neighborhood residents, and have a written public procedure for use.
  • Staff salaries may not be supported with these funds. Payments cannot be made directly to individuals.
  • No religious or political activities can be supported with these funds.
  • No illegal activities can be supported with these funds.
  • Banners and/or murals are not eligible.
  • Reimbursement is not allowed for costs incurred prior to grant approval.

Types of Eligible Projects

  • Workshops which benefit neighborhood residents.
  • Newsletters or brochures which are distributed to all members of the neighborhood
  • Community yard sales (must meet all City ordinance regulations)
  • Block parties, concerts, plays or festivals which are open to all members of the neighborhood (must meet all City ordinance regulations)
  • Other ideas that meet the purpose of the grant will also be considered.

Definition of Group

  • Any neighborhood association
  • Any group of non-related members who live in the neighborhood and are operating, for purposes other than making a profit, within the neighborhood boundaries (if area is covered by a neighborhood association) examples: PTA, Garden Club, bowling team of neighborhood members.
  • Any group of 5 members or larger in which 3 members are not related, who live within the neighborhood and are coming together for the purpose of developing a project for the benefit of the neighborhood.

The Process

  • Approach appropriate City departments for approval, if needed
  • Approach neighborhood association regarding endorsement
  • Complete the application
  • Get neighborhood association president signature
  • Sign and submit the application to the City Manager’s Office
  • Allow 30 days prior to the start of the project for grant review and approval
  • Appeals of decisions may be made directly to the City Commission

After Approval

  • Provide the City Manager’s Office with photos of any outcomes or results of the efforts supported with grant funds
  • Provide timely submission of payment requests with required documentation
  • Complete a close out evaluation at the end of the project

For more information, please contact:
Rebecca Bottoms Hall
Community Relations/Grants Manager
315 West Second Street
Frankfort, KY  40601




Cover Page


Contact information


1. Name of neighborhood:



For office use:

            Date received

2. Name of Group:


Phone:                        E-mail:



3. Grant Administrator:



Phone:                        E-mail:

2a. Mailing address:




3a. Mailing address:

4. Budget information:


Total grant funds requested

Resources provided by neighborhood or partners

Total cost (A + B)





5. Check list:


 _____ Cover page and 2-page grant application attached (total of 3 pages)


    • _____ Grant signed by neighborhood association president and grant administrator (if other than president)
    • _____ Attachments- approval from City departments, if needed

I certify that our neighborhood association endorses the project outlined in this application.

President Signature                                           Date


I certify as grant administrator that I will submit photos of the project(s) developed with these funds, submit a closeout evaluation report of the outcomes resulting from the use of these funds, and make timely submission of payment requests to the City Manager’s Department. I certify that funds will be used in accordance with the purposes outlined in the grant application and will not be sued for unapproved equipment purchase, for staff salaries, or for religious or political purposes.


Grant Administrator Signature                               Date




1. Describe in detail where the project will take place.





2. How many residents do you anticipate involvement with in the project?


3. Describe any volunteers and what tasks they will be doing?







4. List all the City departments and contacts you have made. Attach a copy of approval received if applicable.

    • Department      Name

5. Please, describe your group.











6. Describe the contributions that your group and the neighborhood association are making to this project.




7. Briefly describe your project. Include dates and times of specific activities, if possible. If income guidelines are required, explain how this will be accomplished.








8. Amount of grant money requested $ __________


What is the specific use?





Budget item

A. Grant money

B. Other source

Total costs (A + B)





















Totals (Column A. cannot exceed $500.00)




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