Loose leaves are collected from October 1 - December 31 with a leaf vacuum machine and taken to a composting facility. Please follow these rules:

 Rake leaves to the curb or to the sidewalk, if you have one.

 Keep leaves free of debris and litter.

 Do NOT rake large branches, rocks, litter or animal waste into leaf piles. Large sticks and rocks can damage vacuum equipment, cause breakdowns, and injure employees.

 Do NOT rake leaves into the gutter, street, storm drains or drainage swales. (Acid from leaves is harmful to the local watershed).

 Do NOT park in front of leaf piles. Public Works will NOT remove leaves from behind or under parked cars.

 After December 31, loose leaves will be collected as yard waste.


The leaf vacuum is operated by the Streets Division.  If you have any concerns please contact Public Works at 502-352-2088.


Yard Waste





The City of Frankfort will provide street side Leaf Collection Services. The City is divided into four work zones and each zone will be serviced for three days. Operations will not service a zone before the scheduled date. Should a zone be completed before the three-day allotment, crews will back track into previous zones. If a zone is not completed within the three-day period, the leaf crew will move into the next scheduled zone. Residents should have their leaves raked as close to the edge of the street as possible, without causing a traffic hazard or blocking drainage structures. All leaves should be by the street, at 7:00 A.M., on the scheduled period for collection. Leaves with trash and sticks will be tagged until owner corrects it. All sticks should be placed in your yard waste cans and trash should be placed in city issued trash carts.


The City will make every effort to collect all leaves during the scheduled zone (barring weather or equipment delays). The leaf vacuum crews will return to each subdivision after the original schedule. NO PLASTIC BAGS ALLOWED. You may dispose of the leaves in your yard waste cans or brown biodegradable bags. Please call Public Works Department at 352-2088 with questions about the Leaf Collection Schedule.

Zone 1: 
South Frankfort, Meadows, Westwood, Gardenpoint,
Westgate, Juniper Hills, Holly Hills, Parkview,
Riverbend, Cavelawn, Buttimer Hill, Bellpoint,
Fort Boone, Leestown, N Frankfort and Holmes St.

Scheduled Collection Dates:    OCT. 23, 24, 25
                                                         NOV. 8, 9,13 NOV 29, 30 / DEC. 1

Zone 2:
Tangle wood, Thistleton, Cloverdale, ArlingtonHeights,
Montrose Park, College Park, Hickory Hills,
Rolling Acres, Belleview, and Thornhill

Scheduled Collection Dates: OCT. 26, 27, 30
                                                      NOV. 14, 15, 16 / DEC. 4,5,6

Zone 3:  Fairview Heights, Crestwood, Colony, Landings, Allnut, Lee Ct.,
Pickett Ave. Franklin Heights, Franklin Acres, Capital View,
Cardinal Hills, Butler, Grandview Heights, Country Club Heights,
Tierra Linda, and Inverness

Scheduled Collection Dates: Oct. 31 / NOV. 1, 2   NOV. 17, 20, 21
                                                        DEC. 7, 8,11

Zone 4:  Indian Hills, Ridgeview, Arnold Ridge, Silver Lake,  and Woodlands

Scheduled Collection Dates: NOV. 3, 6, 7
                                                     NOV.  22, 27, 28 DEC. 12, 13, 14





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