A successful recycling campaign requires a successful relationship between the City, its residents and the processors who receive, sort, bale and market the recycled material.

Properly prepared recyclables must be placed in the blue lid recycle cart and placed on the curb, not in the street, by 7 a.m. on your designated collection day.

It is important that only recyclable materials are placed in recycle carts.  Please check the top of the blue lid of your cart for easy reference.  When in doubt, toss it out!

Recycling: How Does it Work?

All recyclable items are brought to the City’s Recycle Center where they are tipped into a large transfer container which is then transported to the Lexington Urban County Government (LFUCG) Recycle Center.  At this state of the art facility, items are sorted, compressed, baled, stored and shipped out to be made into new products. The City of Frankfort receives a portion of the LFUCG Recycle Center profits which is then redistributed to the Solid Waste account.

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Policies & Procedures


City of Frankfort

Recycling Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations should be followed to ensure your recyclables are collected on your scheduled trash day.

  • No plastic bags or garbage bags are permitted in the recycling container.
  • Recycling containers should be placed at your curbside the night before or by 7:00 am on your scheduled service day and removed from the public right of way that evening.
  • Make sure the container(s) are at least 3 feet from other containers, mailboxes, parked cars, trees, light posts and the handle and lid hinge is facing your residence.  Please ensure the lid is closed to prevent damage to cart(s).
  • Recycling is picked up once a week along with your solid waste.
  • Recycle this:
      • Paper: food containers (remove liners), brown paper bags, catalogues and magazines, corrugated cardboard, newspapers with inserts, office and school papers, phone books, junk mail, flyers and door hangers.
      • Plastic Containers: any size soft drink bottles, laundry detergent jugs, bleach and fabric softener jugs, milk and water jugs, cooking oil bottles and jugs, alcohol bottles.
      • Cans: aluminum and steel, aerosol cans, aluminum soda or beer cans, steel food cans.
      • Glass: any color bottles, jars, remove metals lids (no window glass, mirrors or ceramics accepted)
  • Please rinse all plastic containers, drink containers and food containers prior to placing into the recycle rollout.
  • Plastic bags and Styrofoam are NOT accepted recyclable items.
  • We do NOT recycle water hoses, children’s toys, piping, tissue paper, clothes hangers, medical equipment, clothing.
  • Leaves or yard waste are NOT allowed in your (blue lid) recycle cart.

There are No petroleum products allowed (ie: oil and antifreeze containers) paint or hazardous materials

Recycle Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Profit & Renaissance District ProgramThe City of Frankfort will provide recycling service to Non-profit organizations and businesses located in the downtown Renaissance District .  Recycle carts must be purchased for service. A sixty-four (64) gallon recycle cart costs fifty (50) dollars a ninety-six (96) gallon recycle cart costs eighty (80) dollars.  Once the cart is purchased service for the cart will be free.  Payment can be made with check or cash.  Payments can be sent to the City of Frankfort, Attention Public Works, PO box 697, Frankfort, KY 40602 or can be dropped off at the Public Works Department located in City Hall at 315 West Second St., Frankfort, KY 40601.  For more information contact Public Works at (502) 352-2088.


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The City of Frankfort is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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